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Our Story

portrait-shan-kel.jpgJuno Blu is a Bay Area company devoted to bringing style to mom’s everyday essentials. We love kids, but our focus is the unsung hero of the family – MOM. Whether acting as sherpa, chef, executive or scraped knee mender, mom wears multiple hats throughout the day. Juno Blu’s line of inspired products recognizes the needs of the breastfeeding mom and aims to help bring balance to the daily juggling act of motherhood by developing products that create the perfect blend of style and functionality.

The concept for Juno Blu was originated from the first hand maternal experiences of co-creators Shannan and Kelley. Both breastfeeding and working moms, Shannan and Kelly were astounded by the lack of alternatives to toting around a black bag that “screamed” breast pump. This, coupled by the embarrassment of TSA security checks, which inevitably resulted in having to dismantle the contents of their pump bag to an audience of travelers. That’s when Shannan, an interior designer with a love for materials, and Kelley, a successful shoe designer with an eye for detail, decided to develop their own line of mom-centric gear that would not only work well but look fabulous.

Juno Blu’s mission is to create products that celebrate fashion while enhancing function. Juno Blu’s pump bags are constructed with hand-selected, luxurious yet durable materials with designs inspired by the elegant satchels, totes and clutches that don the pages of top-tier fashion magazines.

Behind The Scenes


Whether it’s an outdoor adventure with her two small children, a weekend away “getting in trouble” with her girlfriends, a quiet evening out with her husband or an afternoon doling out advice to the decorating challenged, Shannan has a natural ability to find the ultimate balance between work and play.

Raised in America’s heartland, Shannan, the co-founder of Juno Blu, fell in love with design and style when she was young. Several summers spent on the California coast were enough to bring her back West for college, but it was when she landed in New York City that she would focus her career in the interior design industry.

15 years of working in the interior design industry, Shannan distinguished herself with an ability to create inviting and timeless feel in livable spaces.

Juno Blu is truly a passion project for Shannan. She wanted to develop a brand with an exclusively mom-oriented focus as a response to her personal experiences of balancing work, breastfeeding and the care of her two young boys.



The first thing most people notice about Kelley is her shoes. As a self-proclaimed shoe lover and entrepreneur, Kelley took her love for shoes and established her company Ipanema Inc., and launched the contemporary women’s footwear brand Klub Nico.

Whether it’s sketching a great new idea, enjoying time with her kids or curling up to peruse her favorite fashion blog, Kelley heeds the advice of Confucius that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

So when Shannan began developing the concept for a company that would help moms upgrade their everyday essentials with stylish, eye-catching products, Kelley knew, Juno Blu was a company she too could feel passionate about.

Who Is Juno

A lot of research went into deciding on the name for Juno Blu. Kelley and Shannan wanted to establish the company as something other than just another baby gear manufacturer. They wanted to establish themselves as a company that’s primary focus was not of the child but that of the mother.

Juno, is an ancient roman goddess whose purpose was to protect the women of Rome. As Juno is often depicted sitting next to a peacock depicting immortality, Shannan and Kelley chose to incorporate the word Blu to honor the symbolism of this imagery.

What Is In A Name

Co-creators Shannan and Kelley wanted the names of the bags to reflect the beauty and joys experienced in motherhood.  An inspirational mom's retreat to Big Sur was the brainchild for the names of the Breast Pump Bags.  Surrounded by nature and serenity, this is where they discovered the names of their bags.